A downloadable Gravity Shift

Gravity Shift is a hardcore minimalist 2D indie platform game.

The player will face 60 different levels where skill and timing will be everything.

In the game you play as a little blue cube which objective is to overcome the different obstacles it will find during its journey through the game.

The player will have the ability to shift gravity in order to navigate the levels, but this wont be possible all the time and so he will be forced to jump which come with a counterpart, every jump you make will cost one life, so you better learn to manage and analyze if that move you are about to make is the correct one!

In the game there will be available three game modes:  

Original Mode: It is a classical approach to the platform genre  

Gravity Mode: In this mode the player movement changes, instead of jumping, the player will have to control its gravity at all times in order to float through the level while avoid any kind of damage. The idea in this game mode is to simply reach the end of every level without being touched one single time.


Endless Mode: In this mode the player's main objective will be to stay alive as much as possible. It will feature both game modes.

The game will also feature a High Score leader board so players can track their best scores in every level.


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cool game!!!

Thank you so much!

I don't like lack of control when jumping. And it should be possible to switch gravity mid air

It may seem weird at the start but its part of the challenge.


Really good game that's enjoyable just a little maddening haha

 Thank you very much for playing our game!!
We hope you have enjoyed the beta, we will be releasing the full game really soon!


I might play the game again when it comes out fully then! j

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Great! Thank you so much!